About Me


My name is Joan and The Paper Faerie is created to share my interest in paper crafts. I am born and bred in Singapore. I was convinced by my husband and relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2015.

I started crafting in 2011 making layouts, albums and display pieces. It was only in 2012 I started card making. It all started when I met my then boyfriend and now fiancé (affectionately known as le bf in this blog and instagram). Not only did I make cards for his birthdays, our anniversaries and Valentine’s Days, I made cards when he is back from business trips or when I bought his favourite chocolates. Some people say paper cards are a dying trade but let’s face it, everyone loves receiving a card made/sent especially for them. I just love how versatile handmade cards can be. 🙂

Follow me on instagram (@joanieeeee) to see my craft work or random photos of mainly food and travels. Occasionally I make special appearance on my instagram page. 😛

All photos are taken on my iPhone.

For any enquires, please email me at joans.tca@gmail.com