You Pixelate Me

Hello again. I was quite excited to pick up the “You Pixelate Me” stamp set from Krumspring. I have been eyeing her stamp sets for awhile now and when there was free international shipping, I could hesitate no longer. I know I’ve previously mentioned that I am doing quite well at not spending too much on craft products but there’s free international shipping and that REAAALLLYY means a lot.

The stamp set took a little longer than usual to arrive but I was so excited it did. The possibilities were endless and I didn’t know what pixel art I wanted to do first. I thought birthday cards are always useful so I thought I’ll do a pixel cupcake. I chuckled at the idea because I will be sending a pixelated cupcake to someone because I cannot be physically there with a birthday cake.


Oh, did I mention I already love this stamp set? It needs a wee bit of planning but it is oh-so-versatile! 🙂

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